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Parent Zone

Parenting is a serious game and most of us generally avoid its importance in our kids’ life, various studies show that a kids’ life is most impacted by what he/she has been observing in their house. Parents’ behaviors’ in front of their kids sometime become questionable and there has to be huge alterations At seeds we understand these issues and work a lot on parenting aspect. Our “Parent consulting team” will always be with you to solve your issues and ready to help you under any circumstance. We are just a call away for you

Our team works on following areas of parenting :
A. Do’s and Don’ts for parents
B. Helping parents in understanding their kids better.
C. Parenting seminars and more.
D. Making parents acknowledged with latest trends in world to keep them updated what their kid needs to learn.
E. Consulting parents on family issues which help them in upbringing of kids.
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